Pastor Mike Carlson Announces Plan to Launch HOPE LIVES Campaign

Pastor Mike Carlson gathered with more than 200 members and friends of St. Andrew’s to announce a $12 million capital campaign for a building addition and facility updates to include a new fellowship space, enhanced accessibility, additional classroom and small group spaces, and expanded ministries, including the Community Resource Center.  The campaign, titled HOPE LIVES: Building Hope, Transforming Lives, has been a part of St. Andrew’s long-term strategic plan and will be launched in January 2018.

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“One of my own personal missions, if this church is doing Christ’s work, we will be one everyone’s speed dial.  That’s exactly what’s happening.”
– Pastor Mike Carlson

In addition to the need for more space to accommodate a growing congregation, Pastor Carlson shared how Christian hope is a part of St. Andrew’s mission to Proclaim Jesus Christ, Live in and Serve! “Hope and welcome have a root in the same word and as we welcome people into this place, we have to be really clear, the welcome that we are bringing people isn’t just for the people who can walk the long way to the front pew, but for all people.”

The plans include updates to accessibility of the Sanctuary building, which currently is 210′ from the nearest parking space to the first pew, making it difficult for many to come to church.  The plans also include space for new classrooms in both the Great Hall Building and the Sanctuary building to accommodate educational ministry needs, including more space for Confirmation and Sunday School classes which currently meet in hallways and office spaces.  “There are some places where you can go to church with your family and then you don’t have to put your coat on to go outside just to get to your Sunday School class,” Carlson shared.  Plans include a connected corridor from the Sanctuary to the Youth & Sports Center “to literally connect our kids and family and worship space together as we make these connections as people learn what it is to be loved by God and to serve.”

“The better job we do of proclaiming the love of Jesus Christ, the more we are going to be needed by the community,” said Carlson. Carlson shared about a funeral for a young girl who died of an overdose and how the parents, who didn’t have a church home, called St. Andrew’s so the 100s of kids could attend the service of their friend. He shared about the space constraints for fellowship of large groups in the evening, even for something as important as a funeral. He shared another story about being with loved ones following a funeral and walking with them 2 buildings over to the Great Hall wondering how many people will just get in the car after the service and then just keep driving because its easier then finding another space to park, another building to enter to greet the grieving family. In addition to plans for large group fellowship hall adjacent to the Sanctuary, the addition will include a wider, more open Narthex area to accommodate people coming to worship service, providing spaces to sit and be in conversation with one another. “I’m convinced we can do better,” said Carlson “and I believe we are called to do better. And, after listening to your feedback, our council, I believe you believe we can do better.

“The needs we are addressing and the needs that we are looking at in our community are greater than any of us could have ever imagined,” said Carlson. “There are days when we have a line outside our Community Resource Center of people waiting for help, hope and healing.” The plans also include expanded space for the Community Resource Center; utilizing space more effectively and relocating existing Great Hall offices will free up space for small group counseling and consultation rooms for counseling, wellness, and spiritual advising.

“One of my secret powers is surrounding myself with people better then me,” Pastor Carlson said, “and we have definitely done that with the leadership of this campaign.” Pastor Carlson announced the campaign will Co-chaired by long-time members, Dr. Kevin Gerdes, Brigadier General and Director of Humphrey School of Leadership and Public Policy and Steve Bachman, CEO of an international commercial construction company. “And, while their backgrounds are impressive, these pedigrees have nothing on the commitment they have to this place and the love they have for their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,” said Carlson.

Find out more about the capital campaign Co-Chairs

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