Called to Lead: HOPE LIVES Co-Chairs Talk About Their Decision To Lead.

“If you had asked me a year ago to write 10 things I would do at the Church,” said Co-Chair Dr. Kevin Gerdes, “I can assure you leading a capital campaign would not have been one of them.” Co-chair Steve Bachman echoed those sentiments and joked, “I don’t even know if it would have made my top 50.”

Despite their initial reluctance to lead a campaign, both agree the their strong passion and love for St. Andrew’s, its people, and the mission & ministry ultimately tipped their decision and prompted them to say yes.  “For me,” said Gerdes, “raising money for the church was always someone else’s responsibility.” “But, this time, something is different.  I see the need and know how important it is for our future that everyone is a part of this campaign in some way.” “The timing is right,” added Bachman, “we’ve got Pastor Mike Carlson, the mood here is good, and things are happening.”

‘Things are happening’ is no understatement.  In the last year, St. Andrew’s confirmed 199 students, conducted 105 baptisms, performed more than 63 funerals and hosted more than 9,500 for Christmas Weekend.

Both Bachman and Gerdes are excited about the plans and what it means for St. Andrew’s congregation and the community. “This is more than just building buildings- it is about building hope with expanded ministries, connecting spaces and people with one another and transforming lives,” said Gerdes.  Gerdes sees transformation of lives happening through an enhanced experiences with St. Andrew’s and also through the expanded ministry that will be possible with the additional Community Resource Center space.

“This place, the people in it, and our overall mission excites me,” said Steve Bachman.  “This is not a membership to a club, it’s a community of people doing good work.”

By re-configuring existing space and utilizing part of the new proposed addition, the number of small group meeting spaces will nearly double. This much needed space will alleviate congestion for our educational ministries on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, where students are currently meeting in hallways and office space due to space constraints.  When educational ministries are not meeting, the space will be used for small group bible studies, ministry meetings and activities.

Mission Jamaica is one example of an innovative ministry that was made possible as a result of people gathering together at the church. Nearly 30 years ago, a small group of members gathered to discuss how St. Andrew’s might create an international ministry; through contacts in Jamaica they found an opportunity and 19 people participated in that inaugural trip. This year, more than 500 missionaries from 30+ congregations are expected to participate Mission Jamaica.



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