Video produced Wednesday, February 21,2018 by St. Andrew’s Youth Group

What is Hope? What Do You Hope For?
by Pastor Michael D. Carlson, Lead Pastor
St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church

Last week as ashes were being placed on the foreheads of many, a group of students, teachers, administrators and a football coach were brutally murdered in their Florida school. It is an act that brings more question than answers, more anger than faith and a week after this horrific event our world continues to struggle with finding hope.

Our Lenten Journey reminds us both of our mortality and our hope. The image of a mother with the cross of ashes on her forehead and tears in her eyes is forever etched in my heart. And, yet, we are reminded that the promise of the cross is that God is with us, God is for us. Always. As we travel in the valleys and mountain top experiences of life, we may find it difficult to comprehend the fullness of God and yet in our Gospel lesson for the week we are reminded that questions and uncertainty do not turn away our Lord. In this week’s Gospel, we see even the most faithful of disciples have questions.

Ours is a faith of unchanging grace. A promise of hope and love even in uncertainty and in things that surpass all human understanding. This week, a few of our youth got together to ask the question, what is hope? And what brings you hope? A poignant and important question as we seek to invest in our future of Building Hope and Transforming Lives through the mission and ministries of St. Andrew’s Church. Watch their video here.

Our world needs hope. Our Hope Lives in Christ.

Join us this week in worship, you won’t want to miss it!

-Pastor Mike Carlson

PS Join me this weekend in the Great Hall following services on Saturday night and Sunday morning to hear more about our Hope Lives Campaign- a promise to continue our commitment to Building Hope and Transforming Lives into the future. See you in Church!

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