Hope In Community

“And you will have confidence, because there is hope; you will be protected and take your rest in safety. You will lie down, and no one will make you afraid; many will entreat your favor.” -Job 11:18-19

When I hear the word hope I think of an aspiration or a wish. I think of an optimistic expectation for what tomorrow brings. When I think of the word hope in my faith, I think of how God has a plan for me and never leads me astray.

Hope can be found anywhere if you look hard enough. One unusual place I found was in the book The Lord of the Flies.

In this book, a group of boys are stranded on an island and the only way to get off it is to build a fire to make smoke. This fire is their hope for being saved. With this hope they work together and make a life for themselves that is good.

The harmony between them does not last as a few of the boys stop seeing the importance of the fire and let it go out. When this happens they lose hope they become cruel and everything is ruled by fear. They quickly become irrational and impulsive. The fire in this story can apply to us that in times of no hope, our lives are cast into chaos and darkness, but with the light of God there is order and peace and everyone has a purpose. Without hope everything plunges into darkness but hope is always there shining through those shadows of fear, hate, and sorrow. In our community I see hope in people at church, but I think the most life changing place is at Camp Wapo. Here, not only do I see people who get into bible study and worship, but also just being themselves and having fun. For some, this is not something they can enjoy everyday. Through my faith in God I see hope in the people of St. Andrews and the community they represent. Hope in God is the truthful design to peace he has made for us. In all that I have experienced I believe hope renews, rebuilds, and transforms lives.
– Karla K.

God of hope and renewal, lead us out of fear and into your peace. Keep our hearts optimistic and faithful to your transformational power. Amen.

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