A Window of HOPE

Window of Hope
by Pastor Michael D. Carlson, Lead Pastor
Wow! You are amazing! Thank you to those of you who attended worship this past weekend. The energy was palpable as we announced our HOPE LIVES commitment weekend. We filled out sticky notes with places we see hope and people we know in need of hope — it was beautiful!

For those of you who weren’t able to make it on Sunday, we also announced we have $5.1 million in early commitments to our HOPE LIVES campaign. If you have already made your pledge of commitment, I thank you. For those who are prayerfully considering your commitment, I thank you.

Our sermon focused on the tremendous hope we receive through Christ and how we can be that hope. If you missed it, you can listen here.

This Sunday, we continue our Lenten journey — learning of Christ’s journey which transforms our hearts and minds each and every day.

It is a blessing to be in ministry with you and know the Hope which Lives through Jesus Christ. See you in church!

P.S. If you missed your chance to share a place you find hope or someone in need of hope, reply to this email and we will make sure to get it on our windows of Hope.  If you prefer to make your pledge online, you may do so here.

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