Making a Lasting Impact


The opportunity to positively impact the lives of others is what drew Ray and Vickie Johnston to be a part of the Hope Lives Campaign. “We see Christ present in a very tangible way,” said Ray Johnston. “Even in our first experience with St. Andrew’s we knew it was committed to reaching out, not only to its members, but the local and global community as well.”

It only took one visit for Ray and Vickie Johnston to call St. Andrew’s home. And since that day, they have been active members of our congregation. Through their involvement over the years, Ray and Vickie have seen the need first-hand for a connected sports and youth building and a fellowship hall closer to the Sanctuary. They have volunteered with the Dock program, in fellowship programs and funeral ministry, to name a few, and through those experiences, the Johnstons have noticed a gap in what we are able to provide because of physical building constraints.

“We ask our kids to go outside in thunderstorms and snowstorms just to get to a classroom, or people attending a funeral service to pack up and travel to another building just to spend time in fellowship with a grieving family, and we know we can do better.”

From a connected Youth and Sports Center that enhances safety for our youngest members to a fellowship space that can be used for fellowship and gathering of people of all ages, the Johnstons are building hope and transforming  lives so others may more fully know and feel the transformative power of Christ’s love through the mission and ministries of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church. “We know that this campaign will have a lasting impact on not only our church, but the community and the legacy that we will leave,” said Vickie. “We are grateful to support a cause we feel deeply about and provide an opportunity for a lasting impact of a Christ-centered community for generations to come,” added Ray.

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