Construction Update: July 2

Following a festive groundbreaking ceremony (see recap here if you missed it), our facilities team got to work securing the construction zones. “It’s exciting to be here,” said Dale Bakken, Director of Building and Grounds. “There’s been a lot of meetings, planning and thought that went into this. We’re ready!”

DCIM100MEDIADJI_0011.JPGLate last week after the building permit was obtained, crews got to work hauling truckloads of dirt that was excavated to make way for the new building.  (FUN FACT #1: Dirt excavated from the grounds is going to be repurposed for the local Hwy 36/Hadley project!)

This week, a chain link fence will be installed to provide another level of safety and security for the site, enabling safe staging of materials and equipment. Sometime in the next few weeks we anticipate work will begin on the sewer line for the new space. Because much of that work will be outside our current facilities, we expect minimal disruption.

As our physical grounds begin to transform and take new shape, we are reminded of the transformations that happen through the mission and ministry of St. Andrew’s Church. Thank you for your generous support of prayers and resources as together we Build Hope and Transform Lives to Proclaim, Live in Christ and Serve! #HopeLives


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