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Letter from Campaign Co-Chairs: Why Us, Why Now, Why Not?

As we look to continue our mission to Proclaim Jesus Christ, Live In Christ and Serve! we see a need to expand our ministry and reach. Our “big church on the hill” has become a beacon of hope to people who are navigating this troubled world. We are a missional church – serving not only in global places like Slovakia and Jamaica – but increasingly right here in our own local community. More and more people, members and non-members alike, are turning to St. Andrew’s for food, shelter, jobs, mental health counseling, and fellowship connections. But these expanding ministries for restoring and sustaining hope have outgrown our existing facilities. That’s why we’re so excited and committed to this capital campaign.

As busy schedules fill family calendars with more activities, and the daily barrage of bad news headlines burden us with worry and cynicism – we begin to realize that the hope we find in the Good News of Jesus Christ is so important. The money we seek to raise in this campaign will add new ministry spaces to our physical campus facilities, but that’s not what the campaign is about. It’s about “Building Hope and Transforming Lives” through our growing ministries. We invite you to prayerfully contemplate how you will respond to this campaign invitation. Your participation is critical to meet the growing opportunities for proclaiming, living and serving in the name of Jesus Christ.
-Steve Bachman & Kevin Gerdes

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